Hazard Zone mode in Battlefiled 2042 will no longer receive new content and other news

In early June, the first season of Battlefield 2042 starts. The authors will present a full list of changes closer to the release, and

while you can learn some of them.

In particular, maps and modes will be converted. New items will be released over the coming months - some of them will only make it into the second season.


  • Navigation will be improved on existing maps, and space will be made more populated.
  • Season 1 includes one new map and a rework of Kaleidoscope with more cover, new flag positions, and improved gameplay pacing.
  • Rebirth will be remade in season 2


  • In “Rapture” will reduce the number of sectors and capture points
  • "Storm" in the first season will be one of the main modes
  • Hazard Zone will stop receiving content - only technical support will remain. For example, new maps will not be available in this mode
  • Starting with the first season, some maps from Portal will be included in the rotation of All-Out Warfare

Other changes

  • Specialist appearances, replicas, and cosmetic items will be made more realistic
  • Also, realism will be added to the animations of the movement of fighters
  • The interface will become clearer as part of the first season
  • Performance will improve