Headset for the hungry gamers: Hunger Hummer

Razer, in collaboration with Pringles, presented journalists and streamers with the Hunger Hammer, a gaming headset that comes with

chip dispenser attached. The mechanism is simple - a mechanical “arm” delivers crispy potatoes directly to the gamer’s mouth.

Are they serious?

Pringles and Razer do not urge to take themthe product is serious - most likely, this entire campaign is being carried out as a promotion of the new part of Gears of War - Gears 5. The streamers who sent the device to the test played it in it during their broadcasts.

However, Hunger Hammer is not without its drawbacks: Roboruk does not always work clearly, trying to send the chipset to the user in the nose. It is also driven in a rather inconvenient way - a button on the headset itself. Users came to the conclusion that voice activation or a remote control would be much more convenient.

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