Hearing: Samsung Galaxy S11 will be able to determine the composition of food and diagnose tumors

Samsung has patented a smartphone with an IR spectrometer. The device will allow you to scan

specific objects or surfaces for further analysis. Thus, using a smartphone, you can determine the composition of food, learn about the condition of your skin, and much more.

Where to implement

According to the patent, the spectrometer will be locatednext to the camera block, on both sides of the smartphone. The device detects radiation sources in the visible and infrared ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum. This innovation will add many functions to the smartphone, such as measuring the moisture content of a product, obtaining information about its composition (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and the amount of sugar it contains. The document also reports that thanks to the spectrometer, it is possible to find out the heart rate and even diagnose malignant tumors.

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According to rumors, the device will find application inthe upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 flagship line. It was previously reported that these smartphones will receive new generation OLED displays and a 108 megapixel main camera. If all the rumors are true, then we will have one of the most technologically advanced devices on the market.