Here's a twist: NASA's Perseverance rover runs on a chip that was installed in the 1998 iMac G3.

NewSientist journalists found interesting information about NASA Perseverance rover that landed on Mars

February 18.

What told

It turns out that the rover runs on a processorPowerPC 750. The same chip was used in the 1998 iMac G3 computers. It is a single-core processor that is based on a 32-bit architecture. The SoC operates at a maximum frequency of 233 MHz and has 6 million transistors.

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Naturally, for the Perseverance rover, the processorThe PowerPC 750 has been slightly modified to operate in temperatures from -55 to -125 ℃. This upgrade of the chip increased its cost to $ 200,000.

By the way, Apple used the PowerPC 750 SoC until 2005. Then the company switched to Intel chips.

Source: NewSientist, MacRumors

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