Hi-Tech in everything: Orion bionic eyes

The human body, unfortunately, does not always function as it should, sometimes it does not worksome

But modern technologies make it possible to take care of oneself and live normally.For example, people have been living with artificial hearts and prosthetic limbs for a long time.The fact is that vision is a very complex system, and it is difficult, and sometimes simply impossible, to restore it.

SSMP responded by creating a prototype implant that allows people who have lost their sight to see.not just vision, but supersight of many kinds, including those that are simply inaccessible to ordinary people.For example, vision, like one of the characters in the science fiction film "Predator" – infrared.For people who do not see, this direction is unanimously recognized by experts as the most promising.

How does it work

The concept of the bionic eye is very simple -a person does not have a complete prosthetic eye system. But a special adapter is implanted. Its name officially sounds like the Orion prosthesis, the device is connected to a certain part of the brain that is responsible for processing visual data entering the brain. The implant does not look into the world itself, it receives signals from the camera, which is installed on the temple of the glasses (the heaviest and most complex components are brought out so that there are no compatibility problems). The implant then converts these signals into electrical impulses that the brain understands, which are already being processed by neurons.

Thanks to this design of the entire device,The installation of the implant takes quite a bit of time, the person is placed in the outpatient clinic, and in less than a day the new bionic vision already begins to function. The procedure itself is quick, but the adaptation period can be delayed for some time, which depends on many factors, but mainly on how much the patient is trained. After all, he has to teach his brain, in fact, a different language, to receive and interpret signals in a new way, to learn to see again. At first, there is no need to talk about high-resolution images; the manufacturer focused on creating universal plug-in modules. And it was not just called it an adapter, because data sources (cameras. Scanners, sensors) can be connected to a variety of sources, including those that, in our understanding, go beyond, that is, work in spectra that are invisible to an ordinary person.

In fact, the main thing for the visually impairedis unable to see the beauty of the butterfly, he must first learn to navigate, and only then this world can be examined. And for this you need an informative picture, and not necessarily beautiful in our understanding. For example, in the “Predator” range, spots will accurately indicate the number of people nearby, also the infrared range will warn about dangerous hot places or objects, see where the sun is now, which side of the window, and also understand what time of day it is. This is very convenient in everyday life, the fact is that all household appliances heat up a little, that is, they are all clearly visible with thermal vision.

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