How apps can handle the cutout on the iPhone 8 screen

Based on recently discovered details about the virtual Home button and the top panel of the iPhone 8, the designer

Maxim Petriv took on the task of presenting how popular applications such as Apple Music, Instagram and Twitter can adapt to them.

Here are three options for what iPhone 8 apps might look like in relation to the top cutout:



From left to right - lock screen, App Store and Siri:



This may look like an iPhone 8 with a completely white case:

If you're curious about how these concepts look when combined with a copper-colored finish, which is rumored to be available on the iPhone 8, then here's the answer:

The designer presents the video player in landscape orientation as follows:

The Home button disappears when playing a video, as Trauton-Smith showed based on the HomePod firmware code, while the rest of the buttons to control playback remain in place.

The Home button could also completely disappear or decrease during video games.

Finally, a video appeared on Twitter showing how applications can do without any changes by darkening the top panel and placing the tabs below:

Trauton Smith recently discovered evidence in the API of the HomePod version of iOS that applications will use full-screen mode.

“Apple really loves symmetry,” said Trauton-Smith.

“One could even assume that the Home button would look just like the top cutout. But that would take up a lot of screen space. ”

How do you like Maxim’s assumptions?