How to check Internet connection speed with Speedcheck

Mobile and wireless Wi-Fi networks do not always work stably. There may be network outages, speed drops, and,

as a result, poor site performance,Internet services, freezes, etc. As a rule, there can be two reasons for the incorrect Internet operation - either a problem on the side of the site (application) or problems with your Internet. A simple diagnostics of the speed of your Internet, which can be performed both from a computer and using a mobile application, will help you figure out what's what. To check the speed of the Internet, we recommend using the free Speedcheck service. That's why…

Today it is one of the most reliable services forspeed test, plus everything here is pretty detailed all the information necessary to assess the speed of your Internet connection. Since absolutely anyone, even a novice and not a pro, can face such a problem, the developers have kindly provided detailed step-by-step instructions on how to check the speed of the Internet and troubleshoot, if any.

In addition to an intuitive interface in Russianthe language of the Speedcheck service is also distinguished by the maximum accuracy of measuring all indicators, plus the provider and IP address are determined even before the start of the speed check.

It’s worth noting that Speedcheck does a checkspeeds along the entire route - that is, from your phone or PC to your destination. While most of the other free applications check only from the access point to the server of the Internet provider, thereby misleading the client, showing high speed indicators that are actually different from reality and do not demonstrate the real situation.

This was achieved by the developers thanks to servers with a throughput of 40 Gb / s, which provide the ability to evaluate and measure high-speed connection along the entire route.

Now a little more about using Speedcheck.

As mentioned above, there is a desktop versionservice, there is a mobile application. Using the application, you can check Wi-Fi network or 4G. Evaluation of high-speed connection starts immediately after clicking the blue button “Start Testing”. As a result, after the analysis, you will be presented with indicators of the following positions: delay (ping), download and download speed with stability assessment, IP address and provider.

You can also evaluate the dynamics of changes.speed due to the presence of a measurement history. And thus, to conclude how stable a connection you are offered. The presence of built-in filters and various viewing modes allows you to get acquainted with the information as it suits you.

Similar Internet speed checks allowyou to evaluate the quality of your provider’s services, as well as find the root of the problem, if any, based on the results. The problem may be with the router, and you blame the service provider.

On the official Speedcheck website you can moreRead in detail the manual for measuring the speed of your Internet connection and immediately run the speed test. The developers describe in detail what each indicator means and what it indicates. You can track what affects the change in Internet speed (time of day, heavy sites or your device from which you go online).

There is a separate chapter here, which is devoted to the identification of network problems and their elimination. By the way, unlike other free services, Speedcheck does not bother with advertising. She is minimal here.

Next, indicate the download links for Speedcheck - App Store and Google Play.