How to connect and use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is the best iPad ever, but you can make it even better with the Apple Pencil. To do this, you need to know how to

connect, configure and use.

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With just one accessory you canturn your iPad Pro into the best gadget for notes. You can not only take notes, but also draw. There are many drawing applications on the App Store, so the possibilities are endless. Yes, the Apple Pencil is not cheap, but a great accessory for the iPad Pro.

How to connect Apple Pencil to iPad Pro

  1. Attach the Apple Pencil to the side of your iPad Pro, right below the volume buttons.
  2. When the Apple Pencil is attached to the magnets, its image will appear on the screen. Click the "Connect" button.

How to change the double-tap action

When the Apple Pencil is connected to the tablet, you can change the action that is activated by double-tapping. Several options are available to make your life easier.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPad Pro and select the Apple Pencil section.

  1. Select the desired double-tap action.

You can now double-tap the Apple Pencil to activate the previously selected action. In some applications, this feature is not supported.

How to charge Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil battery will last for a long time, but someday you will have to charge it.

To do this, simply attach the stylus to the side of the iPad Pro and it will automatically start charging.

A charging status indicator appears on the screen. It can also be checked through a special widget.

How to use Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

Using Apple Pencil is extremely easy. It is enough just to drive the stylus on the screen. If the application supports Apple Pencil, everything will work.

Apple Pencil does not need to turn on and off. Just attach it to the tablet when you are finished using the stylus, and it will wait for its subsequent use.

This manual applies to the modern Apple Pencil 2 generation and iPad Pro 2018 and later. An older Apple Pencil connects to the iPad Pro using the Lightning connector.