How to create and use Memoji in iOS 12

Animoji is fun, but only at first. There are only six characters and they can only be used in

Messages. However, iOS 12 introduced a new feature - Memoji. These are Apple's version of Bitmoji or custom Animoji like you.

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With Memoji you can do a lot of things. You can choose a skin tone, hairstyle, eye color, nose shape, etc., to create a character as close as possible to yourself or someone else. Best of all, you can project your character onto your face right in the camera.

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how to create of his characterMemoji

Step 1: When you first open Animoji in Messages,then you will see a screen where you will be asked to create a Memoji character. If you reset it, the first icon in Animoji will be Memoji. Click on it to enter the editor.

Step 2: Above you will see a preview of the created Memoji, which will repeat your facial movements.

Step 3: Choose skin color and freckles, and then go on to other features. Among them are hairstyle, head shape, eyes, eyebrows, nose, ears, glasses and hats.

Memoji customization is very well done and contains all the cultures of the world. You can even choose a turban or a burka.

Step 4: After the setup is complete, click Finish. Now your character will be displayed in the menu among other Animoji.

how useMemojiin messages

Step 1: Open the applicationMessagesand go into some dialogue.

Step 2: Above the keyboard you will see a row with different applications. Select the icon on itAnimoji.

Step 3: Of all the available Animoji, select the first one - this will be yoursMemoji.

Step 4: Memoji character works like everyone elseother animoji. Click on the preview to immediately send it to the chat, or drag to send it as a sticker. You can also click on the red dot to record a video with the character.

How to useMemoji in Camera

A little secret that you are likely to entertain your friends at parties.

Step 1:In the Messages dialog, select Camera.

Step 2:There will be a new effects button in the lower left corner.

Step 3:Click on it to open a new section with filters, stickers, objects, Animoji and, most importantly, Memoji.

Step 4:Click the buttonAnimojiand select your characterMemoji. After that, it will appear on your face and will repeat all your movements, including movements of the tongue and winks. After that you can take a photo.

For the time being, you can’t record videos with Memoji, but perhaps this feature will appear in iOS 13.

You can edit a photo, sign it, reshoot, or send it immediately. You can not save the photo, which is very inconvenient. We hope that this opportunity will add in the future.

It would be nice if all these effects were added to the main Camera application so that you would not have to use Messages.