How to download videos from any site

Although streaming content and online cinemas are becoming increasingly popular, access to

Internet is not always available, so sometimesyou have to do it the old fashioned way and download movies, TV series and clips to your computer or mobile device. But what if the site doesn't offer the option to save videos?

In such a situation, Movavi Screen Recorder will help.This is a program for downloading videos from any site for Windows and macOS, which can be downloaded on the official website of the developers. A nice bonus – it is available in Russian, so it will not be difficult for even the most experienced user to understand it.

Install the program following the instructions on the screen.Once the installation is complete, it will launch automatically and is ready to use. Open the page with the desired video and configure the capture area (orange frame). You will immediately see the output video resolution. In addition, the program also allows you to record audio and video from multiple sources, so you can simultaneously record your reaction to the video via a webcam and comment on what is happening in the microphone. Click on the red buttonRecto start recording.

A convenient feature of this program –the ability to see how much disk space a video takes up. You also immediately see how many GB are available on your computer. Click the pause icon to pause recording, or click theStopto complete it. In the trial version, you can record video up to 5 minutes.

When you click on Stop, a window will openediting the finished video. Here you can make basic settings: trim unnecessary parts that might have been accidentally filmed (for example, an ad block), as well as rotate the video or adjust the sound.

When all settings are made, click the buttonSave as…and select the file name, export folder, video format and quality. In addition to popular video formats (.MP4, .AVI, .MOV, .MKV), the program also supports the creation of GIF images. ClickSave, wait while the video is rendering, and voila – The video you need is already on your computer!

Movavi Screen Recorder showed its best performancea clear and convenient utility for capturing video from the screen and external sources. The process is in many ways similar to the process of recording TV programs on cassettes – only with the ability to immediately trim off everything unnecessary. If the site doesn't have the option to save videos directly and you don't mind spending a few minutes capturing the screen, this program will do the job just fine.