How to enable dark theme on Instagram

Instagram application for iPhone received a long-awaited update. It is about supporting a dark topic.


notice that Dark Mode was oneone of the most long-awaited options in iOS 13. And now that Apple has finally implemented it, many developers have begun to quickly refine their applications so that users can enjoy the dark theme not only in the general interface of the iOS system, but also in third-party applications.

As mentioned above, updating socialInstagram networks with the addition of a dark mode affected only users of iOS devices. Moreover, in the notes to the update, the developers do not indicate this fact, but report only about fixing bugs and improving performance. However, there is now support for a dark theme on Instagram on the iPhone.

If you are wondering how to enable darktopic on Instagram on iPhone, we will answer you right away — no way. You will not find any additional switch for this mode in the application settings. Dark mode will be activated automatically in the application as soon as you enable it in the Settings of your iPhone on iOS 13. Accordingly, it is turned off in the same way. This, by the way, is very convenient, since you don’t have to constantly pull the switch in the application. Although, perhaps many of you would like to see a separate button in the mobile application to turn on/off dark mode.