How to fix the error “opening failure of the program due to damage” on Mac

The owners
A Mac can
A strange error occurs when trying to open a downloaded program. First
A loading bar appears, followed by the message: "Failed to open the program
due to damage. Move the program to the Trash." There is also information on
There are two options: cancel and
Move to Trash.

Below we
Here are a few ways to fix the error.

How to Fix "Failed Opening" Error onMac

1: Download the program again

First thing
If an error occurs, it is worth downloading the program again from the tested
source. It is recommended to download programs from developer sites, and not from
third party sites. Often the error goes away when you install the corrupted version
file to the trash and download the program again.

The way
does not always work, and sometimes programs have to be downloaded from third parties
sites, not official ones. In such cases, proceed to the next step.

2:Reboot computer

may seem obvious to you, but try restarting your Mac, especially
if you have already downloaded the program again, but the error has not disappeared. When the computer
will load, try opening the program again.

3: Update Software

The error occurs due to outdated software versions. Maybe an update will help
system, but be sure to back up your device before doing so.

  • MacOS 10.14 and later: Go to System Preferences
    > Software Update.
  • MacOS 10.13 and later: Go to Mac App Stores > Updates.

If a
Updates are available, download them. You can also download the updated version
programs, if there is one.

4: UseTerminal

last chance and recommended for advanced users only. If
The error still hasn't disappeared, it's better just not to use it.

Run the program
Terminal and enter the following command:

xattr -cr / location /

For example:

xattr -cr /Applications/

the team can solve other similar errors. Recall that the method
Not worth using if you have no experience with the command line. If you
If you do something wrong, it will lead to additional problems.