How to increase battery life on iPhone and iPad

The peculiarity of the iPhone and iPad is not only in

convenient operating system and attractivedesign, but also in their battery. The fact is that the "apple" gadgets do not have a specific charge speed. On the contrary, their battery is very changeable. Many apple users often complain about a weak battery, and this is true. However, if you know the basic capabilities of the devices, you can get real energy power. She, of course, will remain limited, but will allow you to slightly extend the battery. Here are some suggestions.

Set the charge display as a percentage

The ability to monitor the dynamics of charge consumption -the key point is to start charging your gadget much less often. We recommend setting the percentage display of the charge in order to analyze the operation of the device and choose a further strategy. To do this, open Settings → Battery → Charge percentage. Select an option.

Section with statistics of the last full chargesmay be especially helpful to you. Here you can track the launch of applications, checking mail, calls, browser and more. And pay attention to the background music playback.

As for the "sleeping" mode, it is not at all like that. The device does not sleep, but continues to work, consuming battery power.

Adjust screen brightness

Reducing energy consumption is one ofthe most important aspects for saving battery on iOS devices, and this does not affect the comfort of their use. To do this, set the following display parameters: Settings → Screen and brightness.

Next, move the arrow left and right until you find the optimal brightness level. Apple developers officially recommend doing this so that energy consumption is minimal.

Turn off wireless

Remember that wireless is not always yours.need it. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi spend the most energy, so we recommend that you turn them on only when you really need them. Turn off the rest of the time. Disabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi should not cause you to panic, because even without these options you will not be left without communication.

Do not play games

Gaming applications consume energy literallycouple of hours. Today’s popular mobile online casinos are installed on literally every fifth smartphone. If you are an avid player and at the same time want the battery of your smartphone to serve you as long as possible, go to a computer or tablet purchased specifically for games. Install only the necessary applications on your gadget. Remember that everyday play can completely drain your device’s battery.

Turn off push notifications

Of course, push notifications are quite a thing.comfortable. But it is worth recognizing that it is not so necessary to sacrifice the quality of work of its newfangled gadget. The essence of this function is only to inform about updates without launching the application. Most often, push notifications are set up by email, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other applications that send notifications to the user's device on their own. To save energy, it is worth turning off the sound signal, displaying an icon or even prohibiting the application from sending you notifications. Do not forget about Do Not Disturb.

Turn off geolocation

Of course, you can completely disable the location service by following these steps: Settings → Privacy → Location Services → Disable Location Services. However, in some cases it will be more rational to disable only less important and more annoying services, leaving only the necessary ones, for example, a taxi call application, a navigator, etc.


Many users are convinced that such trifles,like turning off geolocation, adjusting screen brightness and limiting time for leisure, will not be able to extend battery life. In fact, even as they can! Try all these steps and you will charge your gadget much less often.