How to install the royal client Vkontakte or how to sit offline VK with iPhone

VKontakte is currently the most popular social network in Russia. And the number of users

sitting in it from mobile devices iPhone andiPad is growing every day. But due to Apple's policies, VKontate were forced to remove many important functions from their mobile client, such as listening to music in the background and offline modes.

Fortunately, users whoJailbreak installed, you could install the VKsettings tweak and use full functionality. But due to the latest delays in iOS 9.2 jailbreak – iOS 9.3.2, the question of how to listen to VKontakte music in offline and background modes has become relevant again. Fortunately, developer Ilya Kambarov (preciserf0x) has integrated the wonderful VKsettings tweak into the VK client. Next, we will tell you how to install the royal VKontakte client without jailbreak and its advantages.

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  • 1. How to install the royal client Vkontakte
  • 2. Instructions for free installation of the royal VC on iOS 10, 11 using Cydia Impactor
  • 3. Installing VKSettings + Cache 2.10 online through a browser
  • Rollback to the old version of VK with unlimited music
  • How to sit Vkontakte offline

Supported iOS

  • iOS 9.3 &#8211; iOS 9.3.5
  • iOS 10.0.1 &#8211; iOS 10.2.1
  • iOS 11 &#8211; iOS 11.2.2

Instruction updated

Attention!The VKontakte team periodically closes the ability to listen to music online through third-party clients, so this functionality may not be available in current versions of the royal VK.

1. How to install the royal client Vkontakte

Alas, for iOS 10, 11 this method has become PAID,so if you feel sorry for 225 rubles. Go to the next method. However, this method allows you to use the client during the year, in contrast to the free method, where the period is 7 days.

The installation process of the royal client is extremely simple and does not take much of your time, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the current client Vkontakte
  2. Open Safari Mobile Browser on your iPhone.
  3. Go to the site and follow the further instructions about buying a client
  4. Tap the VK icon
  5. Quickly go to settings and change the date to July 2015
  6. After installation, change the date back.
  7. The installation will begin, once completed, go toSettings-&gt;Main-&gt;Profiles and controls device&#8230;
  8. Click on ASTRID MOBILE, OOO and confirm permission

1If the error &#8220;Cannot check programs from &#8220;iPhone Distribution: ASTRID MOBILE, OOO&#8221;&#8221; appears, then restart your device and try again.

2After step 6 (returning the date), check your time zone, it must be yours. Otherwise an error will appear.

2. Instructions for free installation of the royal VC on iOS 10, 11 using Cydia Impactor

  1. Download Cydia Impactor from the official website ( (versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are available)
  2. Then we need an IPA file (royal VK), download it here (at the time of updating the article &#8211; 2.15.2+VKS_3.8.4)
  3. Open Cydia Impactor
  4. Drag the VKApp * .ipa file downloaded in step 2 into this window and click Start.
  5. Then the program will ask you to enter an email andpassword for your AppleID account. At this step, we recommend using a specially created account, which you should not lose in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  6. Then the installation of the royal VK on your device will begin.
  7. After successful installation, go toSettings-&gt;Main-&gt;Profiles and controls device&#8230;find here the profile with the name of your email from point 5 and click trust.
  8. Congratulations you installed the royal VK on iOS 10.

Cons of this method

  • After 7 days, you will have to repeat all the steps previously performed.
  • You do not have the latest version of VK

You can also jailbreak your device and install the VKsettings tweak.

  • How to jailbreak iOS 10
  • IOS 10 Jailbreak Apps - iOS 10.3.3

3. Installing VKSettings + Cache 2.10 online through a browser

This method allows you to install the royal VK on the iPhone without using a computer.

  1. To do this, you need to be registered with Telegram.
  2. Then follow the link to TheAppBox channel
  3. Click install and follow the instructions.

After that, you have a working Vkontakte application with all hidden functions, such as:

  • Offline mode
  • Ability not to read messages
  • Hide typing
  • Multi account
  • Smart Post (creating a message on your wall without going online)
  • Setting tabs VK
  • Substitution of client ID (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and many others)
  • Turn off safe video search
  • Playing music with minimized Vk application (in the background)

Rollback to the old version of VK with unlimited music

Video review application

How to sit Vkontakte offline

There is no full-fledged offline mode (invisibility when viewing news, writing messages, etc.) and never will be!
VKontakte has closed access to offline methodswork, now even with the most advanced applications of this kind, when performing certain actions you will be online for a moment (&#8220;I just logged in&#8221; and then the countdown will begin from this time)

In order that other users of VKontakte do not know that you are currently online, you can use the royal client VK.

  1. To do this, follow the instructions described earlier.
  2. Open the installed application and scroll down.
  3. Activate toggle switch offline

That's all, we hope our instructions helped you install the royal client of VK and you can now enjoy all its functions.


The site from which it was possible to download the Vkontakte client stopped working. The developer said that he can no longer maintain its performance and offers installation on a fee basis.


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