How to remove the widget with music on the locked iPhone screen

When you play music on your iPhone or iPad, iOS automatically displays a widget on your lock screen with

player. Usually it disappears a couple of minutes after you turn off the music, but it also happens that the system freezes and it does not disappear at all.

Below we describe several ways to solve this problem. Let's start with the simplest, and at the end we list the options for an emergency.

It is worth noting that to control the appearancewidget is not allowed. If music is playing, it will appear on the locked screen, and nothing can be done about it. But there are solutions in case the widget does not disappear by itself. To them, and move on.

1. Check that the music is turned off

We know, this is obvious, but sometimes everything turns out to be so simple. Just in case, check that you turned off the music for sure. Usually the widget disappears a couple of minutes after stopping the music.

2. Force the application to close with music.

Often the problem is in the application through which youlistened to music. Whatever it is (Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, etc.), try forcibly closing it. If you have an iPhone X, slide your finger from the bottom of the screen and stop in the middle to open the application switch. Find the right one, hold the card with it, and then click on the red minus icon to close the application. On older models, double-click the Home button and swipe the application up.

After closing the application, the widget should disappear. If this does not happen, try the next solution.

3. Restart the device

This is a universal solution to many problems, and a reboot can help in your case.

Restart your device, and maybe the widget will disappear.

4. Remove attachment with music

If the previous methods did not help, try removing the application in which you listened to music. Do not be afraid to delete even Apple Music, since you can always download it again in the App Store.

Uninstall the application and reboot the device. The widget should disappear.

5. It is possible,problem withBluetooth

Sometimes a widget may appear due to device-related accessories. It appears when you listen to music in the car, and then just does not disappear.

You can try to forget the accessories and remove them from the settings.

Go to Settings > Bluetooth and click onicon "i" next to the car's stereo system. Then forget the device. Do the same in the stereo system settings. After this, reboot your device.

You can do this with all the accessories, but the problem probably lies in the car’s stereo system.

After rebooting, you can reconnect all accessories.

6. If all else fails

If none of the solutions above helped you,update your device to the latest available version of iOS. If this doesn’t help, you’ll have to restore your iPhone or iPad. Go to Settings > Basic > Reset > Erase content and settings.