How to scan documents on iPhone or iPad using the Files app

Have you ever wanted to be able to scan documents through your iPhone or iPad? Well now this

easy and convenient to do through the Files application.

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IOS 13 and iPadOS 13 updates made the applicationFiles are much more useful. Now it can read information from external media, scan documents, etc. Now you do not have to use third-party applications, and you can download scanned documents directly to iCloud or local folders. You no longer need to search your documents for folders in applications and use services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

How to scan documents through the Files application

To get started, open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 or iPadOS.

  1. Click the button in the form three points in the upper right corner of the Overview tab. Then select Scan documents.

  1. Place your document on a flat surface and point your device’s camera at it. When the document fits perfectly into the frame, scanning starts automatically. If not, click on round a button shooting.
  2. If necessary, drag the corners of the frame to change the scan area. If the first time fails, click Reshoot.

  1. When done, click Save.
  2. Select a location to save the file and click Save again. You can create a new folder or select an existing one. You can also immediately change the file name.

If you want to scan a document right away ina specific folder in Files, this can also be done. Open this folder and click the same button in the form of three dots, and then repeat the same steps. You may need to drag the screen down so that the button appears.

The Files application grows and gets better with each update, and now it has many useful features. IOS 13 has a whole host of exciting new features that you can read about.