How to set up View options in Finder on Mac

When using the Finder on a Mac, the View panel can be very useful. On it you see details about the selected

file: creation date, tags, last viewing date, etc. For images and videos, the size and resolution are also displayed.

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In the View pane, you also have access to quick actions like rotating or editing files with one click.

The details that you see in the Viewer depend on the type of file selected, but the options can also be configured. Below we describe how this is done.

If the View panel is not visible on the right side of the Finder window, you need to open it through the menu. SelectView &gt; Show viewport.

To configure View options for each file type, clickView &gt; Show viewing options.

Options for of documents

For documents Pages, Numbers, Word, Excel, etc. You can choose from the same set of parameters.

ClickShow viewing optionsand check the boxes next to the options you want to see in the View panel. You can display tags, dates, keywords, etc.

When done, just close the settings window.

Parameters for PDF files

For PDF files, there are several additional options like title, authors, pages, resolution and description. Choose the ones that interest you.

Options for of images

For JPG and PNG files, the parameter set is wider. This is very convenient if you work with images.

You can display EXIF ​​data. For example, you can find out the model of the device on which the picture was taken, the ISO speed, white balance, etc.

Parameters for video and audio files

Parameters for audio and video are available the most. Together with the basic options, you can choose the location of the shooting / recording, performers, directors, producers, copyrights, ratings and genre.

For audio, you can display audio channels, number of bits, codecs, genre, etc.

If you work with audio and video, these details will be very useful to you.

How to set up Quick Actions

At the bottom of the View pane, Quick Actions are displayed, which also vary in file type. Images and PDF files can be rotated, video trimmed, etc.

To configure these options, click the buttonStill. Here the parameters also need to tick.

If you don't want to see Quick Actions at all, you can remove them. OpenShow viewing optionsand uncheck the box next toShow quick action

The View pane in the Finder is a very convenient way to see the most important data about your files, even without opening them.