How to use Google search correctly: 5 rules

It sounds strange, but you still need to know how to use Google Search. He told about the best way to do it.

Russian TikTok blogger boshnikof.

In his latest video (https: // / @ boshnikof / video / 7018582564742909190] he listed five such "secrets." First, the most important search phrase should be enclosed in quotes. This will force the search engine to search for it as a whole, and not for individual words.

The second "trick" is to put an asterisk instead of a forgotten word. In this case, Google will complete the request itself.

Another handy tool when googling is to remove words that shouldn't appear in search results. To do this, you need to put a hyphen in front of them.

The fourth secret is the Filetype function. It is enough to write the word "Filetype", and then, putting a colon, indicate the file of which format you are looking for.

And fifth: remove unnecessary punctuation marks. Google doesn't understand them anyway.