Huawei Android Competitor

Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has recently had serious tensions with the government.

States.Many experts are inclined to attribute such friction to a continuation or one of the components of the trade war between China and the United States. Each side imposes some restrictions, sanctions and threatens that there may be more restrictions. It got to the point that the Chinese company started developing its own operating system for smartphones and tablets. According to company representatives, this step is a protection, a kind of diversification in case the American side imposes a ban on the use of its software and its export to the Middle Kingdom.

The head of Huawei also stated on the pagesof the thematic edition, that if the States forbid licensing Android to companies from China, then the company already has an answer. According to him, a proprietary system has already been developed, and only waits for it. It will be installed on all the manufacturer’s smartphones instead of Android.

What will users get?

If this really happens, then the woundsmartphones seriously reformatted. On the one hand, if the launch of smartphones with its own operating system will go to the consumer, then Huawei will become the second company, which will be almost all of its own. At one time, Apple did. Of course, some other companies have their own OS, for example, Samsung. But Tizen OS is used exclusively on smart watches, on smartphones this system does not exist. On the other hand, if the Chinese decide to work only with their own OS, then the manufacturer may have serious problems. The main one is applications, their quantity and support.

Android, as well as iOS during hisexistence of such a large number of applications that it will not be easy to keep up with them, to put it mildly. Applications, this is what most of the users pay for, the smartphone itself is practically useless without them, it turns into a regular dialer. The Chinese manufacturer will have to create a huge ecosystem from scratch in order to get at least a little closer to Android. Of course, the sales of the company will sore heavily, in any case, until a more or less digestible ecosystem with many applications is created.

However, for the company its own OS, this is not a fixed idea,Yu Chengdong stressed that they are ready to launch the OS itself as a plan B. That is, the development is forced, and will be used only if it is impossible to use American software. In principle, everything is correct, and in the justification of common sense is enough.