Huawei P smart 2019: review of the potential hit of the beginning of the year

As soon as the New Year holidays are over, users are already pleased with interesting novelties.One of these

The novelty is of particular interest to many consumers, since this is a mid-budget phone, and it is a productIn addition, the P smart smartphone has received a number of features, both external and hardware, including the presence of a wireless module for NFC contactless payments.To the point of complete stuffing, the selfie camera software received support for artificial intelligence.

Appearance, ergonomics

The main point of attraction of attention designThe smartphone is the back panel, its gradient two-tone color from turquoise to pure blue - looks very stylish. Moreover, the surface under the protective glass, that is mirror, does not catch the material with the naked eye, or just glass, or metal, or unusual plastic. In fact, it is high quality plastic.

The front panel is also covered with a protective glass, inThe upper part has a neat teardrop-shaped cutout for selfie cameras. This mini-cutout allowed to make a minimum width of the frame, it seems that in one hand one solid display. Despite the decent screen size - 6.2 inches, the device does not look bulky. In addition, the smartphone has turned out pretty easy, and the thickness for its class is very good.


P Smart is not a flagship device, thenThe AMOLED matrix is ​​not suitable for him, but he can boast with a high-quality IPS matrix, especially since the improved technology is LTPS. Maximum viewing angles, does not distort with any deviation, the color rendition is close to natural, the margin of brightness is quite large. There is a function that protects the vision in the evening using a blue filter. You can also change the resolution to a more comfortable, if suddenly, the default settings were not to your taste.


The basis of the hardware filling is the processorKirin 710, which the company itself produces. The process technology here is 12 nm, the processor is fresh for half a year. The excellent decision for systems of the average price range. The processor is not without features, except for the support of technology AI, there is a function of the GPU Turbo. It is designed to optimize the frequency of the graphics processor in demanding games. While not all content is able to handle such a function, this will change in the future.

In conjunction with 4 gigabytes of RAMThe performance of the device with the head is enough for any everyday tasks, and if you do not set maximum settings in resource-intensive games, then the difference with super powerful flagships is not visible at all. Even the interface filled with active animated widgets, a lot of installed applications do not make the interface torn, everything works quickly and smoothly. Also, no problem with opening a huge number of tabs in the browser. In many ways, this is facilitated by the ideal shell optimization.

EMUI on the tenth android

As for the shell, it is EMUI 9, and with itinterface on the basis of the ninth android looks completely different than the stock. There is practically nothing standard in the interface, everything is reworked, right down to the fonts and system applications like SMS. Customizable interface for yourself, this is a chip EMUI, there is also an advanced feature of full-screen gestures. Modification and change of themes are organized simply and conveniently. There are many different icon designs, you can choose and effects, including animated, you can add widgets for any application, and customize them for yourself.

The built-in set of applications is decent, there iseverything a smartphone user needs, even a branded player that is not inferior in functionality to the most expensive counterparts. Moreover, it has so many settings to play that can surprise even the most demanding music lover. Including high-quality sound tracks through headphones.


The main camera received two modules with sensors13 megapixels and 2 megapixels. The software of the camera is the same as that of all brand flagships, including real manual mode, AI support, full night mode, a tripod, hundreds of portraits presets, HDR, and so on.

Selfie camera received a module with a sensor 8megapixels, the software also supports all the functionality of the main camera. During the day, the cameras take excellent quality pictures, a little noise appears in the evening, the detail falls. The video is of medium quality. Full HD resolution allows you to do no more than 30 frames per second.


Although not AMOLED is used here,autonomy of the smartphone at a high level. In the usual average mode, the charge lasts for a day and a half. The active screen mode eats up the charge in seven hours, the video plays for almost 12 hours if you turn off the wireless interfaces. Games also do not eat up the charge too quickly. Recovery from scratch takes an hour and a half.

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