Huawei postponed the start of sales of its “smart glasses” and named the price of the device

Back at the spring presentation of the P30 and P30 Pro, Huawei showed off the Huawei x Gentle Monster smart glasses. The company planned

send the gadget to store shelves before July 2019, but sales still have not started, and the release was postponed to September.

When to expect

According to Gizmochina, now Huawei x GentleMonster goes on sale September 6th. According to the head of Huawei's consumer division, Richard Yu, the gadget has become a combination of fashion and technology. The glasses will replace a headset for users, allowing them to communicate via cellular communications through a paired smartphone and call a voice assistant.

The Huawei x Gentle Monster case fitsantenna, charging module, chipset, battery and a pair of microphones. In addition, the device has no buttons, and commands are performed using touches. For example, to receive a call you need to press the head of the glasses, and tapping will launch the voice assistant. The device also received protection from dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard, and the glasses are charged via USB-C or wirelessly using a case.

The price starts at $212, and visitors to the IFA 2019 exhibition, which will be held in September in Berlin, will be the first to try Huawei x Gentle Monster.