Hydrogen One: the era of holographic smartphones has ended, without starting

Almost two years ago, RED, a company that creates professional video cameras, announced

a new smartphone called Hydrogen One.It was assumed that this device would explode the smartphone market, since the smartphone had an outstanding, according to the developer, camera, as well as an equally outstanding, and the world's first screen that provided a three-dimensional image without the use of special glasses.

Unfortunately, the smartphone did not take off, moreover, itshamefully failed. Yes, and he appeared with a huge delay, only at the end of last year, besides, he had already obsolete iron under the hood. The embedded software was raw, poorly optimized, but the display was the most disappointing because it gave out 3D quite weakly, in practice it was a muddy regular display. There was still hope for a super-plug-in camera, but now the information has passed that the module will never appear on the market. To begin with, it was demolished from the RED company site, then the head of Hydrogen announced that the team had refused to continue its development - there would be no production.

It seems that the company RED immediately knewthe outcome of the venture, just understood that the project of a holographic smartphone would be a failure. The fact is that three months after the release of the new smartphone, the company's management announced that it was starting to develop another device, also from the field of mobile cameras. Moreover, the new device does not involve any connection of a smartphone, that is, it is not a module for a mobile phone.

The company said the next project isa huge step forward, and that this time the RED team will do everything, that is, only professionals will be responsible for the cameras, the Hydrogen team will not work on this. The head of the company promised that the buyers of the first holographic smartphone, at the sight of the new device, will understand how outdated the device was. However, he noted that the outdated device will continue to receive support from the manufacturer. In general, we are waiting for new information about the interesting product RED.

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