id Software talked about the features of multiplayer in Doom: Eternal

At the QuakeCon 2019 exhibition, id Software showed the gameplay of the multiplayer Doom: Eternal. Also developers

announced a new demon and shared information about the game.

The juice

As the developers themselves say, for the networkparts of Doom: Eternal, they selected the best mechanics from single player. It was announced that the classic Deathmatch mode would be removed in favor of the asymmetrical Battlemode. This type of battle involves three players: one plays as Doomguy, and the other two take on the guise of demons, and their smaller brothers come to their aid. It will not be easy for Doomguy to cope with the invasion of unholy forces, because to win he will need to kill both opponents in 20 seconds, otherwise one of them will be reborn with half his health. The brutal earthling, in turn, replenishes ammunition and first aid kits through finishing moves, as in a single company. Rounds in Battlemode have no time limit.


Also, id Software announced a new demon forBattlemode mode, it became Doomhunter - a hybrid of a demon and a machine, armed with a powerful gun, chainsaws and a rocket launcher. Later, the developers plan to expand the multiplayer of Doom: Eternal with free additions with new monsters, maps and modes.