IDC: the PC market in the world grew by 55%, the leaders are Lenovo and HP, Apple doubled sales

Analyst firm IDC has published a report on the personal computer market in the first quarter of 2021.

What told

Despite the problems with the components, the suppliesPCs, laptops and workstations are up 55.2% year-over-year. Thus, in the first three months of 2021, almost 84 million devices were shipped worldwide. This increase is mainly due to the pandemic, which has forced many to spend more time at home. By the way, the fastest growing segment of this market is gaming laptops.

The leader of the personal computer market isLenovo with a share of 24.3%, 20 thousand devices shipped and a growth of 59.1%. HP is in second place with a 22.9% market share, and Dell is in third with a 15.4% market share. Next comes Apple, which is doing well, too. On an annualized basis, the Cupertinians managed to increase their share by 111%. Acer Group closes the TOP-5 (7% market share).

Source: IDC

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