IFA 2019: Honor unveils new Honor Vision TV

Honor has announced its first HarmonyOS-based devices: Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro smart TVs.

For smart home

Both TVs are powered by the Huawei Honghu 818 octa-core processor and feature a 55-inch 4K HDR display. Thanks to thin frames, the screen occupies 94% of the front panel surface.

The gadget supports the Family Note Function,which can transfer 600 million images from a smartphone in just 20 seconds. Another function - Magic link, working via NFC, will allow you to set up your TV from a mobile device, find out the weather and find the programs you need. George Zhao President of Honor says:

“Honor Vision is designed to change the user experiencedevices in this category. Honor Vision will play an important role in the concept of home devices. This is not only a home entertainment center, but also a center for information exchange, as well as interaction with several devices simultaneously.”

Differences between Honor Vision and Honor Vision ProA little. The regular version has a camera built into the display, while the Pro has a retractable camera. The Vision also has 4 speakers, while the older model has 6. The memory capacity is also different: 2 GB + 16 GB for the standard TV and 2 GB + 32 GB for the Pro.





When the Honor Vision and Honor Vision Pro go on sale in the global market is still unknown.

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“HONOR Vision is designed to change the experience of using devices in this category. HONOR

Vision will play an important role in the concept of home appliances. It is not only home

an entertainment center, but also an information exchange center, as well as interactions with several

devices at the same time", – said George Zhao, President of HONOR.

The world's first Smart Screen TV with its own OS from Huawei HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS, the new microkernel-based operating system, designed to provide

Interactions across all devices and in various user scenarios. HarmonyOS

will be optimized and gradually adapted for the smart devices of the brand,

including smart watches, smart screens, car systems and smart

columns. HarmonyOS will be released as an open source platform by

to the whole world.

Three chipsets: Honghu 818, AI Camera NPU and Wi-Fi

HONOR Vision uses the latest technology for the best user experience.

Honghu 818 Processor: The Honghu 818 features advanced image processing technology.

It includes MEMC (motion estimation and motion compensation), HDR, super resolution

(Super Resolution – SR), Noise Reduction (NR), Dynamic Contrast Enhancement (DCI),

automatic color management (ACM) and local dimming (LD). Honghu 818 improves and

optimizes image resolution, contrast and color reproduction with just a few

algorithms. Octa-core processor can handle heavy images on large

screens and simultaneously perform several tasks. MEMC also processes images with

high resolution and gives excellent sound quality. Industry leading ratio

bandwidth exceeds the performance of other manufacturers by an average of 50%.

AI Camera NPU: The TV is equipped with a retractable smart AI camera, which is based on

HiSilicon Hi3516DV300 NPU. The processor recognizes the face, movements and body positions. Camera

is built into the TV body and is easily “hidden” inside when not in use.

Wi-Fi chipset: HONOR Vision received the flagship Wi-Fi HiSilicon Hi1103 chipset with bandwidth


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channel capacity of 160MHz and downloads up to 1.7Gbps. The technology is 1.7 times faster

than the industry average. The TV also supports two Wi-Fi standards – 2.4G

(amplifies the signal) and 5GHz (increases the speed of work).

HONOR Vision: Transforming the Future

HONOR Vision will play an important role in the HONOR smart home concept. He is

at the same time an information center, a control center and interaction with different

devices. HONOR Vision supports Family Note Function, which allows

transfer 600 million images between the phone and the TV in just 20 seconds, which in

100 times faster than Bluetooth. Huawei and HONOR also develop HiLink, an open eco-friendly

system for smart home. It will include other manufacturers of smart devices.

Data exchange

HONOR Vision received the HONOR Magic-link function, it enables users

search for programs, change settings, synchronize data on your smartphone or

tablet. With this function, users can connect and transfer the image.

from a smartphone to the screen without downloading additional applications. Function works with



Both versions of the HONOR Vision received a 55-inch 4K HDR display. Thanks practically

the complete lack of frames and the concept of Full-View design, the screen occupies 94% of the surface

front panel. The thickness of the metal frame is 6.9 mm. TV also went

certified by TÜV Rheinland and supported by Eye Comfort mode

Mode The HONOR Vision series includes two product versions: 2GB + 16GB (standard) and 2GB + 32GB