IKEA has launched a live broadcast that will help cope with insomnia

IKEA embarked on a 14-day trip to Australia to celebrate the Festival of Sleep and launched a live

broadcast that will help listeners fall asleep.

What is the essence

The live broadcast shows the route of the cargo truckship from Asia to Australia. In the background, Kent and Sarah Eriksson from the IKEA Sleep podcast read the new 2020 catalogue. They talk about mirrors, shelving, bed frames and shelves for storing shoes. All this is combined with the sound of the ocean, so it will be really difficult not to fall asleep.

Ryan Boorman, IKEA Australia Business Manager, says:

We know that every fourth Australianhaving trouble sleeping. We hope that with such rhythmic and monotonous content we will help calm down after a hard day, put your head in order and prepare your body for sleep.