IKEA is betting on “Smart Home”

The IKEA Smart Home project was launched in 2012 with the intention of making the home environment more convenient and functional with

through the integration of digital technologies.The company already had several similar programs, and now IKEA has made a strategic decision to invest heavily in the field of smart homes. The new company will be named IKEA Home smart and will operate under the wing of IKEA Sweden.

The main idea of ​​IKEA Home smart, as it is reportedcreators, is moving away from the usual concepts of home furnishing. “At IKEA, we want to change the lives of many people for the better. To do this, we need to study solutions and products at a higher technological level than simple furniture, ”says Bjorn Block, head of the new division of the Swedish company IKEA Smart home.

From the very beginning of the project in 2012, Swedishdesigners are trying to integrate digital technology into the most ordinary everyday things. It can be anything: from adjusting the light through the smartphone app to wireless charging built into your bedside table. Moreover, the company is actively developing smart sound systems. On the shelves you can already see a table lamp with a built-in Wi-Fi speaker. According to marketers, such things fit perfectly into the interior and allow you to fill the room with great surround sound with one click.

For such "smart" home decoration wascreated its own ecosystem, controlled through the application for the phone. IKEA also began active cooperation with large digital companies, which allowed it to become a major player in the field of "smart homes".

However, such things are an expensive pleasure. Two bulbs and a wireless module will cost almost five thousand rubles, and a floor lamp with a Wi-Fi speaker costs 11,000. Another interesting product - a table lamp with a wireless charging module - will cost 3,600 rubles. Whether it is necessary to pay such money for a technologically advanced and beautiful interior is up to the final consumer to decide.

Big investment in IKEA Smart home isa promising project, already today offering us something that ten years ago you could only see in science fiction films. Moreover, the IKEA pricing policy implies the relative availability of all these innovations to a wide range of people. Who knows, maybe soon we will see bedside tables, which they themselves take off their shoes or a refrigerator, which independently feeds the cat.

Source:IKEA of Sweden website