In a new review, the Apple Pro Display XDR monitor was called a bad option for colorists

HDTVTest reviewer Vincent Theo reviewed Apple Pro Display XDR. He concluded that the monitor for 5000

dollars does not reach the performance of the monitor Sony BVM-HX310, which uses dual-layer LCD technology and costs 43,000.

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In our video, which we have attached below,Vincent said the Apple monitor is a bad option for professional colorists because of problems with color accuracy and contrast. At the end of the review, he called the Pro Display XDR “a simple IPS monitor with an Apple logo and a $ 5,000 price tag.”

Here is what exactly did not suit him in the monitor:



Compared to Sony HX310, Pro Display XDR monitorIt has many shortcomings, especially when displaying dark colors. His black looks more gray, etc. If the monitor will be used for professional purposes, then it should not have such shortcomings.

Let's say JJ Abrams asks you to addmore lens flare in some scene. Can you be completely sure that your visual effects will look exactly the same on other monitors? With Pro Display XDR, this is not certain.

The reviewer said Apple’s ads are exaggerated because it calls Pro Display XDR the best monitor in the world.

It may not be fair to compare a monitor for 5000dollars with a monitor for 40,000 dollars. However, Apple itself is to blame. The company itself called the Pro Display XDR a professional monitor that can compete with other more expensive monitors. She even mentioned Sony.

It is not known whether the reviewer knows about different modes.Pro Display XDR monitors that meet the requirements of HDR, HD, SD video, digital movie theaters and other areas like photography, web development, design and printing.

“Just select a mode and the monitor will configurecolor space, white point, gamma and brightness, ”is what Apple writes on its website. In addition, users themselves will be able to create their own modes and use them.