In addition to Dragon Age 4, several large projects are being developed within the walls of BioWare

Casey Hudson, BioWare General Manager, wrote a new blog post about what he was doing.


What is known

Unlike EA, Hudson recalls Anthem. The manager said that the developers heard feedback from the players about the Cataclysm and will continue to improve the project. The plans of the teams from Austin and Redmond to release "fundamental improvements" that will affect the future of the game.

Austin is also in full swing over work on the supplementOnslaught for Star Wars: The Old Republic. DLC will bring two planets into the game with new locations and more adventures. Hudson did not say anything specific, but assured that the team was working and had time before the fall.

Something new

Hudson also mentioned "several other" largeand secret projects being developed at the Edmond office. The manager did not reveal all the cards, but noted that Dread Wolf Rises, also known as Dragon Age 4, is going through the post-production phase.