In China, 23 million people were banned from buying tickets because of the "low social rating"

In May last year, the government imposed a travel ban on people with “low social

rating. " According to the report of the National Center for Credit Information of China for the entire last year, 17.5 million people of this number could not buy tickets, and another 5.5 million - tickets for high-speed trains. Their “social rating” fell due to “behavioral crimes”; however, what exactly is unknown.

Under this system, the Chinese governmentIt also uses a public “black list” of those found guilty of committing crimes in court, and punishes them, limiting the possibilities for buying tickets for airplanes and trains.

The government’s paper also points out thatSocial points should help prevent "annoying behavior in public transport" - for example, in China, a video became viral when one of the passengers took the place of the other and refused to give it up.

The Chinese authorities have publicly released an application to track the location of debtors

The Chinese government has a policy ofmonitoring of individuals. Social rating can be reduced if a person evades taxes, engages in fraud, or even takes additional seats in the train. At the same time, every time Chinese citizens pass through a checkpoint, for example, when entering another city or entering or leaving the country, they are asked to hand in fingerprints and show an identity document.

By 2020, China plans to create a dossier for each citizen, containing all the data on the "social rating".