In honor of N7 Day, the developers of the next part of Mass Effect presented a new teaser for the long-awaited role-playing game

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Every year on November 7, BioWare celebrates Mass Effect fans with N7 Day.

Traditionally, this event is accompanied by contests, themed entertainment, interviews with developers and, of course, surprises. All this and much more can be found on the official website of the game.

Since the Canadian studio is currently working on a new part of Mass Effect, the company could not but please fans of the franchise with news about the development of the game.

A teaser has been released on Mass Effect's Twitter accountlong-awaited project, which, unfortunately, is not very informative. The presented frames show a certain space station with an inscription on the MR7 case. This is probably a destroyed Relay, at least the shape of the object indicates this.

The release date for the next part of Mass Effect is not yet known, but the developers claim that the pre-production phase is almost over.