In honor of the completion of the Summer Sale on Steam 5 thousand gamers will get free games

The summer sale on Steam comes to an end, and the winner of the Grand Prix has already chosen the team Corgi, whose members

will receive prizes. Valve congratulated the finalists, and also announced a large distribution of games.

What is known

In the final report, the company notedthat the Grand Prix did not go as smoothly as we would like. For example, gamers began to massively remove indie games from the wish list in order to get an AAA project for winning each of the races. Valve wrote that she took into account the mistakes, and the next race of the Summer Sale will take place without sharp turns.

As an additional gift, Steam will choose5 thousand users who participated in the race, and give them one game, standing first in the list of desires. "Racers" will receive a prize within 48 hours after completion of the sale, and will be selected randomly. So if your team did not win the Grand Prix, you still have a chance to get a free game.