In Russia, came up with a way to reduce the cost of solar panels

Russian scientists have come up with a way to reduce the cost of solar panels. For this they used

semiconductor compounds on a silicon substrate.

In fact, scientists have created a new type of solarbatteries that will have to surpass analogues. The efficiency of conventional silicon solar cells is only 20-25%. To increase it, complex and expensive semiconductor compounds are needed. However, researchers have shown that certain semiconductor structures can be grown on a cheap silicon substrate. And this will affect the final cost of the solar cell.

Scientists were able in experimental conditionscreate the top layer of a solar cell on a silicon substrate and assemble a small prototype of the battery. You can build up and intermediate layers. If there are more of them, then each layer of the solar battery will better absorb its part of the solar spectrum. As a result, the likely development efficiency was rated at 40%.