In Russia, they learned to charge smartphones by air at a distance of two meters

Russian developers talked about creating a wireless charger that can

transmit electricity up to two meters. This means that smartphones can be recharged by air, just sitting next to the unit and not taking them out of their pockets.

It is reported that the efficiency of the device is not inferiorconventional wireless chargers that operate only at short distances. As the authors of the development said, modern wireless chargers work on the principle of transferring electricity using magnetic induction - from the coil of the charging platform to the coil in the smartphone. Russian researchers used the phenomenon of magnetic resonance that occurs between the frequencies of the coils in order to increase the area of ​​effective operation.

Experts also said that this type of charger will not pose a direct danger to the health of users.

Now only prototypes of the device are manufactured. They plan to release an industrial design in two years.