In Russia, they showed a robot with the appearance of a fashion model. They made him an ice cream seller

The Russian company Promobot is a manufacturer of service humanoid robots in collaboration with

Robin Hood Robotics presented the robot Dunyasha, who sells ice cream, pours drinks and offers to listen to music while the customer waits. Discuss

Dunyasha is a robot that performs a full cycle of customer service. The prototype of the robot was Mrs. Perm — 2014 Diana Gabdullina. Therefore, in Dunyasha, the features of the Permians are guessed.

The capabilities of the robot were demonstrated onPetersburg International Economic Forum. Dunyasha prepared coffee for the guests of the forum in a robotic cafe. Dunyasha can offer not only coffee, drinks and ice cream, but also a topic for conversation. May express compliments or offer to listen to music.