South Korea has figured out how to protect “smartphone zombies” from an accident

A person with a smartphone in his hand often does not notice how a car is moving in his direction, thereby exposing

yourself in danger. In South Korea they tried to protect “smartphone zombies” from road accidents.

What is known

In the South Korean city of Ilsan, on“zebras” placed multi-colored flashing LEDs, and on the poles – laser beams projecting an image onto the road. This should distract people from gadgets and turn their attention to the road. For drivers – another reminder that you need to slow down and let pedestrians pass.

In addition to flashlights, remember about safetyusers will be helped by a notification from a special application. The system operates using radar sensors and thermal imaging cameras. The cost of such equipment for one pedestrian crossing is about $13,000. Later they plan to distribute it throughout the country.