In Tetris will also add the mode "Royal Battle"

Studios N3TWORK and The Tetris Company will release Tetris with the Battle Royale mode for iOS and Android.

And got to Tetris

Tetris Royale will display battle mode at 100players who will compete for first place in the leaderboard each season. The game is similar to Tetris 99 for Switch, but will be able to reach more players, since you won't need a console to participate. In addition to the classic mode with tasks and awards in the game will be daily competitions with thousands of players and single player mode to prepare for them.

Tetris Royale is being developed for iOS and Android, and beta testing should begin this year. Perhaps the official launch will have to wait until 2020.

Recently, developers often add the “Royal Battle” mode to old games. For example, recently Battle Royale appeared in Mario, and a couple of days ago the beta version of Flappy Royale was released.