In the footsteps of Disney: Capcom will surprise gamers with remakes and revival of cult series

Capcom released another report in which it spoke about the successes and plans for the development of franchises.

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If you believe the document (via WCCFtech), then a remakeResident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 showed excellent results. Thus, 4.2 million people bought the zombie horror, and 2.1 million gamers spent on new adventures of Dante and Nero. The result of DMC 5 completely restored Capcom bosses faith in the series.

Given the success of the updated Resident Evil 2, Capcom plans to revive inactive IPs, as well as engage in new remakes. In addition, the existing series will be regularly updated with new games.

“Our initiatives are to (1)strengthen digital sales, (2) strengthen our line of games through the full-scale implementation of our 60-month and 52-week cards, and (3) awaken dormant intellectual property, ”Capcom writes in its report.