In the footsteps of Donald Trump: the new US President Biden is not going to lift sanctions on Chinese companies

Former US President Donald Trump has severely undermined the position of Chinese companies, including Huawei,

by imposing sanctions against them. The hopes were for a new US president, Joe Biden, who could improve the situation. But it looks like there will be no mitigations.

What's next

Reuters, citing a senior US official, says the Biden administration will not move on to lifting the sanctions until it has thoroughly discussed with allies.

Moreover, the source notes that the newthe government will consider the possibility of introducing "new targeted restrictions" on the export of certain technologies to China. Biden has no intention of supplying technology that could improve China's military capabilities.

“We keep these rates for the duration of the discussion,because we are not going to act hastily. President Biden's main criticism of Trump's strategy is not that he was not tough enough to trade with China, but that he did it alone, while simultaneously fighting our allies, ”the official said.

In addition, the new president is targetingworking with Republicans to increase public investment in technology sectors critical to economic growth in the United States, including semiconductors, biotechnology, and artificial intelligence.

Recall that the head of Huawei recently gave an interview to the world's leading media and shared his vision of Huawei's relationship with the US government.

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