In the future, you will be able to measure pressure not with blood pressure monitors or watches, but with ... tattoos!

Almost since the advent of smart watches, manufacturers have been trying to add one important function to them -

ability to measure blood pressure. But, apparently, very soon it will not be necessary at all. Discuss

The thing is that a group of scientists createdelectronic tattoo for continuous measurement of blood pressure. It works like this: graphene sensors are firmly fixed on the skin, after which they collect data with an accuracy corresponding to the best modern devices.

It is reported that the new development allowscollect evidence for several hours, while not limiting the freedom of action. The essence of the device is simple: it sends an electric current into the skin and analyzes the body's reaction, known as bioimpedance.

At the moment, the measurement accuracy of the newdevice is 0.2 ± 4.5 mmHg. Art. for diastolic pressure and 0.2 ± 5.8 mm Hg. Art. for systolic pressure. And this, in turn, corresponds to the most accurate class A instruments.