In the preinstalled applications, 29 manufacturers found 146 vulnerabilities

If you've ever owned an android smartphone, then you've probably come across pre-installed

They can be intrusive, difficult to remove, and, as it turns out, vulnerable to viruses.

Security Company(Kryptowire) has developed a tool to automatically scan android devices for security holes. The tests included smartphones from 29 manufacturers, including Samsung, Sony, Asus.

What is discovered?

Kryptowire said it found vulnerabilities of allvarieties: applications that install various software on the phone, hidden audio recording tools, applications that change system settings. Some of them are activated by preinstalled applications, and some by the user himself. Kryptowire added that they found a total of 146 security holes.

How is this allowed?

As it turned out, Google is well aware of the mechanismshackers, because in 2018 she launched the “Built Test Suite”, which all manufacturing partners had to go through. The program knows many vulnerabilities, upon detection of which preinstalled applications were marked as “potentially dangerous”. But the system cannot catch everything - and when the malware nevertheless slips, it is already difficult to catch it (this applies mainly to fairly old devices for which security updates are rarely or not released at all).



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