In the United States will create digital copies of all existing ships

Testing of technology will begin on the aircraft carrier "Abraham Lincoln" type "Nimitz". For him they will create a digital

double - technology testing impliesthat the military will make an exact virtual copy of a real ship, which will accurately assess the entire resource of the ship, as well as conduct digital tests of all updates.

Moreover, the creation of a digital double is alsowill allow the military to introduce updates as they are developed, without waiting for the ship to be in port. The development of this technology has been ongoing since 2018. The next ship to test this system will be the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier.

Recently it became known that the new Russianthe aircraft carrier will be developed on the basis of the design documentation of the Soviet nuclear-powered cruiser Ulyanovsk. The construction of the Ulyanovsk nuclear-powered cruiser project 1143.7 was carried out from 1988 to 1991 on the basis of the Varyag ship. Ulyanovsk was never completed - due to funding problems the ship was expelled from the fleet in 1991, and the project was frozen.

It was previously reported that the nuclear icebreaker Arktika began to test diesel engines. Reactors will not be involved during testing of diesel engines.