In Ukraine, QLED 8K Samsung TVs debut: a giant 98 inches and a price tag of up to UAH 3 million

Last summer, Samsung introduced the Q900 TV with a maximum resolution of 8K. In February of this

year he got to the international market, and now went on sale in Ukraine.

What a beast

TV is good both externally and internally. The screen is framed by thin frames, Motion Rate 200, Quantum HDR 24x, HDR 10+ and others are responsible for improving the image.

TV also received a QLED matrix on quantumpoints and a proprietary Quantum Processor 8K chip that can scale lower resolution content to maximum quality. The processor is based on artificial intelligence technology.

You can choose from several Q900 models with differentScreen sizes: 65, 75, 82 and 98 inches (this is currently the largest 8K TV). All 4 HDMI connectors and two USB. The Smart TV system is based on Tizen, as in other brand devices.

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How many?

Enters into a stupor Q900, not only for its sizeand opportunities, but also the price tag. The 65-inch version costs 169,999 hryvnia, 75-inch - 299,999 hryvnia, 82-inch - 469,999 hryvnia. But for the 98-inch panel, you will have to pay a fortune - 2,999,999 hryvnia! But to each comes as a gift flagship Samsung Galaxy S10 +, which also costs a lot - 32 999 hryvnia.

The smaller model is already for sale, the rest will go on sale a little later - in May. But you can pre-order them.

Samsung QLED 8K Q900

King among the flagships

The Samsung QLED 8K Q900 is an 8K resolution TV with AI technology, the company's Quantum Processor 8K chip and “endless” screens with a diagonal from 65 to a record 98 inches.

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