In Ukraine, QLED 8K Samsung TVs debut: a giant 98 inches and a price tag of up to UAH 3 million

Last summer, Samsung introduced the Q900 TV with a maximum resolution of 8K. In February this

This year it reached the international market, and has now gone on sale in Ukraine.

What a beast

The TV is good both externally and internally. The screen is framed by thin frames, and Motion Rate 200, Quantum HDR 24x, HDR 10+ and other technologies are responsible for improving the picture.

The TV also received a QLED matrix based on quantumpoints and a proprietary Quantum Processor 8K chip, which can scale lower-resolution content to maximum quality. The processor is developed based on artificial intelligence technologies.

There are several Q900 models to choose from with differentscreen diagonals: 65, 75, 82 and 98 inches (this is the largest 8K TV to date). All have 4 HDMI connectors and two USB ports. The Smart TV system is based on Tizen, as in other devices of the brand.

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How many?

The Q900 is stunning not only because of its dimensionsand opportunities, but also the price tag. The 65-inch version costs 169,999 hryvnia, the 75-inch version costs 299,999 hryvnia, and the 82-inch version costs 469,999 hryvnia. But for a 98-inch panel you will have to pay a fortune - 2,999,999 hryvnia! But everyone gets the flagship Samsung Galaxy S10+ as a gift, which also costs a lot - 32,999 hryvnia.

The smaller model is already on sale, the rest will go on sale a little later - in May. But you can pre-order them.

Samsung QLED 8K Q900

King among the flagships

Samsung QLED 8K Q900 &#8211; This is an 8K TV with AI technologies, a proprietary Quantum Processor 8K chip and “infinite” screens with diagonals from 65 to a record 98 inches

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