In World of Tanks Blitz will add the tank "Kruschitel", created by the author of the comics Tank Girl

The World of Tanks Blitz hangar will be replenished with a new tank of level VII, which is called the "Crusher."

What is known

According to the developers, the car received a goodmobility, powerful weapon and “impressive one-time damage”. It was created by “The Crusher” not by the Wargaming designers, but by the artist Brett Parson, who became famous for the Tank Girl comics.

Collaboration with Brett - continuation of the projectArtist Signature Label, in which the developers of World of Tanks Blitz add content created by artists and musicians to the game. For example, last year an O-47 tank appeared in the hangar, which was invented by the creator of the robot Gundam, Kunio Okavara.

It will be possible to ride the “Crusher” for two weeks, starting on Friday, March 22. Recall that World of Tanks Blitz is available on Android, iOS and PC.