Insider Information: Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West Coming Soon

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Two reputable insiders at once revealed interesting information about the upcoming major add-on for Horizon

Forbidden West, which actor Lance Reddick hinted at not so long ago.

What is known

Whistleblower The Snitch on his Twitterposted a map showing the area between Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. By itself, the map does not say anything, but part of the territory is highlighted by a sign that resembles the visor of the main character Horizon Aloy (Aloy).

In the original game Horizon Forbidden West, there is such a location, but closed to the public. One of the action characters calls this area "a place of fire and salt water."

In turn, authoritative insider Tom Henderson (Tom Henderson) suggested that the addition will be called "Burning Shores" (Burning Shores).

When to expect

According to Henderson, Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores will release in April 2023.

There is a high possibility that this DLC will be announced at The Game Awards.