Instagram decided to remove Direct

The social network Instagram is distinguished by frequent innovations and the regular appearance of new features, which

However, such a feature as Direct in the form of a separate application turned out to be in little demand.Therefore, the developers recognized their idea as of little interest to the public.

Direct to Instagram

If you do not know, back in 2017, developersInstagram applications have launched testing of the new Direct application, which duplicates the main application of the same name in the form of messaging between the interlocutors. Testing was limited, the application could not use all, but with the prospect of large-scale implementation. However, there will be no global launch of the Direct application.

As part of testing, developers have come toconcluded that the application did not stick among users and was not as popular as expected. Social network users are much more comfortable using Instagram and having their own conversations and correspondence in the same place, rather than using a separate application for this. That is why this idea was a fiasco, and the Direct application will never see the light again. But all correspondence in it will automatically go to the Instagram app and will be saved there. Did you even know about the existence of the Direct application from Instagram?