Instagram multi-account or how to switch between multiple accounts

Many Instagram users have several accounts, this can be your public, personal, corporate

the accounts or account of your cat, dog, etc. For a long time, Instagram users had to log out of the profile and log in under another to switch between multiple Instagram accounts. But recently, the Instagram app on the iPhone (and on Android) supports adding multiple accounts, offering a super easy and quick way to switch accounts directly between their Instagram apps without any hassle.

For multiple accounts to work(multi-account) Instagram needs the latest version of the app. Some users cannot immediately find where to switch accounts. To get started, update the application:

  1. Close the application
  2. Update it through the AppStore
  3. Then go back to Instagram
  4. Follow the instructions below.

How to add multiple Instagram accounts

Adding a second Instagram account is a little hidden, but after the first addition of another account, this process will become very simple.

  1. In the Instagram app, click the profile button in the lower right corner
  2. Now click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the application settings
  3. Scroll down the settings and click “Add Account” *
  4. Enter the name and password of the user of the second Instagram account and click “Login”

*If you do not have this button, update the application.

You now have two Instagram accounts between which you can easily switch. Next, we show how to switch between multiple accounts.

How to switch between multiple Instagram accounts from profiles

Once you have added an additional Instagram account, you can easily switch between them by following these steps:

  1. On Instagram, go to your profile
  2. Now click on the username to bring up the user switching panel
  3. Choose your account

Once you add another accountInstagram, you will see it on this list. Also from the control panel you can add another account by clicking “Add Account”, and it will also appear in this menu.