Instagram wants to hide the number of likes under posts and tests Facebook function.

Insider Jane Manchun Wong (Jane Manchun Wong), who has repeatedly reported on innovations in social networks for a long time

before their announcements, spoke about two innovations on Instagram.

No likes

First, the Instagram team thought about the newribbon design. No, nothing cardinal - just under the posts of friends they want to remove the likes counter. That is, users will not see how many "hearts" typed publication.

According to Jane, so Instagram wantsmotivate not chasing likes and thinking about what you post, and not how successful this publication will be. A vivid example of this is the recent snapshot of a regular egg, which collected a record number of likes and became the most popular post.

Instagram representatives confirmed that such a design exists, but it is not yet tested. Whether this idea will come to life is not yet known.

Joint viewing

Secondly, Instagram is testing jointwatching a video when windows with faces of each other are displayed at the bottom of the screen. That is, you can watch a video together, comment on it and see each other's emotions.

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By the way, this feature is already in Facebook: you can set up a joint view when creating a post in a group.