Intel shuts down production of nearly all Tiger Lake processors and 500-series chipsets

Intel has stopped production of almost all 11th generation (Tiger Lake) chips. As a result, the company is winding down

release with the 500 series chipset.

What is known

In April, it became known thatproduction of all Tiger Lake-B chips, as well as parts of the Tiger Lake-H 45W TDP and Xeon W models. Other processors joined late last week, including the Tiger Lake-H35 UP3/UP4.

Along with chips, Intel is curtailing the release of chipsets500 series. We are talking about HM570, WM590 and QM580. Producers can submit the last application for supplies until October 27th. Shipments of processors will be completed before December 29 this year, and chipsets - until June 28 next year.

At the same time, Intel will continue to manufacture Tiger Lake UP3 chips and motherboards with 500-series chipsets for embedded systems. When support will be terminated has not yet been specified.