Intel has stopped the development of modular computers

Another promising idea went into the furnace. Intel announced the end of development of modular

computer Compute Card.

What a beast

Compute Card was intended to be cheaperoption to upgrade tablets and laptops. It was planned to fit a processor, RAM, various modems and other components into a small block, the size of a credit card. The module was connected to the docking station of the mobile device and, if desired, it could be replaced with a more advanced one.

At CES 2017, Intel showed a prototype of such a system, but it recently became known that the development was being discontinued for unknown reasons.

“We still believe that modularcomputers have a lot of potential for innovation. However, while considering the best way to use this technology, we have decided that we will not develop new Compute Card products in the future,” Intel said.

Apparently, the company has found a better implementationtechnologies. It is also possible that the Compute Card simply did not find a response among manufacturers of portable devices - developing a compatible product is expensive, and why give the user the opportunity for a cheap upgrade when it is easier to entice him to buy a new device.